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Adult participants will be asked to select one session from the Workshop "B" Time Slot during the registration process.

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Using Sound and Meditation to Heal (B1)

Speaker: Andrea Courey

Workshop Description:

We are vibratory beings. By participating in a guided sound healing experience with crystal bowls, chimes, drums, and other instruments, you can raise your personal vibration, deepen your meditation practice and achieve a level of inner peace.

In this presentation, you will be introduced to the healing power of sound that will help you cultivate inner peace and help you raise your own personal vibration.

Suitable for all ages, the workshop begins with a brief explanation of the theory and background of the benefits of sound meditation and the various instruments used. Then there is a one-hour sound healing meditation incorporating music, instruments and guided facilitation that will give you first-hand experience of raising your vibration. The time passes quickly as you are guided first to the center of your cells and your own DNA, later journeying wherever the experience takes you.

About Andrea Courey:

I am motivated to be of service to others for their highest and best good. Since being introduced to sound and meditation almost 30 years ago, it has been an extraordinary tool that assisted me greatly to cope with the caregiving and death of my daughter and more recently my father. I wish to share this modality with others as I see, first hand through my sessions with cancer patients and others, that sound healing has a very positive effect on participants. 


Picking up the Pieces: Health & Wellness Coaching for Bereaved Caregivers (B2)

Speakers: Bonney Elliott, Patricia Barrett-Robillard, RN, Melina Ladouceur, Social Worker

Workshop Description:

The grieving process is often more complex after death from a chronic illness such as cancer. Not only are caregivers mourning a loss, but they may also have been putting their own needs for sleep, nutrition, activity, and self-care aside for months or years to support their loved one through the roller coaster of illness, treatment, and palliation.

We will demonstrate the person-centered, strengths-based coaching approach that we use with bereaved caregivers as they navigate the path of recovery from caregiver burnout/compassion fatigue. Our approach helps them to:

  • identify and make sense of their own grieving process;
  • reconnect with personal goals for health and wellness;
  • build upon resilience while discovering new resources for coping with stress and fatigue;
  • address practical issues, plan ahead for holidays and anniversaries, and rebuild social networks,

In this interactive workshop, you will learn our approach through case studies, a live coaching demonstration, and experiential exercises. You will come away with practical tools and ideas as well as a better understanding of health coaching in the context of grief. You will learn how to use a health wheel approach to identify and prioritize your personal health needs and create a plan of action for moving on with life after loss.

We will describe, demonstrate and give you the chance to experience how health and wellness coaching can help you and other bereaved caregivers after the loss of a loved one.

About the Speakers:

Coaching is a unique approach that people don’t always consider in bereavement. The speakers, Bereavement Professionals, offer free coaching at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and would love to see more people use their services. Their aim is to have you experience specific coaching approaches and tools used to support bereaved caregivers with decision-making during the grieving process, with accomplishing projects and meeting deadlines and with rebuilding social networks all while coping with burn-out and fatigue. 


Incomplete Grief: A Work in Progress (B3)

Speaker: Kyla Carson

Workshop Description:

A present loss can evoke unresolved grief from a previous loss. If those feelings have not been worked through sufficiently, and this is often the case, one may be surprised by the flood of unresolved pain that arises.

In this workshop, through meditation, visualization exercises and various other techniques including journaling, you will be offered the opportunity to heal some of this residual pain.  Self-care exercises will be explained as well as language to manage the feelings that can be overwhelming.

About Kyla Carson:

As a psychotherapist, I regularly treat individuals who have not recovered from a previous loss and are surprised by the intensity they are experiencing from this bereavement. It can even entail the death of a pet that leaves the mourner in anguish. By addressing both past and present losses, a deeper healing can be experienced.


Transforming Grief – The Wise Woman Way (B4)

Speaker: Kathleen Leeson RH

Workshop Description:

In this workshop, I will explain the usual way we approach a difficult problem and then will show the Wise Woman Way to work through grieving or loss. I will demonstrate the “how-to” ways by having a participant interact with me. By observing this interaction, all participants will see the process of transformation in action and understand how Wisdom Ways can transform the experience of loss. Participants will gain more tools to use in the future. The workshop may end with a group meditation if time allows.

About Kathleen Leeson:

As a Shaman, it is my obligation to the community to pass on this knowledge and practical skills that have proven their transformative value since time immemorial. In addition, my colleague and I offered a Shamanic journey in 2018 and many people thanked us for coming. I have been doing this work for 30 years now so I thought I’d offer something different this year.


Perinatal Hospice and Bereavement (B5)

Speaker: Lesley Sabourin, Perinatal Hospice Nurse Coordinator

Workshop Description:  

Coming soon


Grief in the Classroom (B6)

Speaker: Andrea Warnick

Workshop Description:

Supporting grieving children and youth in the school environment can be challenging for both educators and parents.  It’s not uncommon for children and youth to worry about their grief surfacing at school, and to struggle with concentrating in class.  This presentation, designed for parents and educators, will explore a number of practical strategies for supporting a healthy grief process for children of all ages within a school environment.  A number of useful web and literary resources specifically addressing this topic will be shared.

About the Speaker:

Andrea specializes in ensuring that adults, children, and youth have access to caring and informed support when experiencing a serious illness, dying, or death of someone close to them. She has learned through her 20 years of experience that such support goes a long way towards helping individuals of all ages integrate their grief in a way that allows them to thrive in life.

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